n. & adj.
1 a the Norwegian language. b the Scandinavian language-group.
2 (prec. by the; treated as pl.) a the Norwegians. b the Vikings.
—adj. of ancient Scandinavia, esp. Norway.
Phrases and idioms:
Old Norse
1 the Germanic language from which the Scandinavian languages are derived.
2 the language of Norway and its colonies until the 14th c.
Norseman n. (pl. -men).
Etymology: Du. noor(d)sch f. noord north

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Norse «nrs», adjective, noun.
1. of or having to do with ancient Scandinavia, its people, or their language.
2. of or having to do with Norway or its people: Norwegian.
1. the people of ancient Scandinavia; Norsemen; Northmen.
2. a) the Norwegians. b) the ancient Norwegians.
3. the language of the ancient Scandinavians, often called Old Norse.
4. the language of Norway; Norwegian.
[probably < Dutch Noorsch Norwegian]
Usage Norse, meaning the people of ancient Scandinavia and Norwegians, is singular in form and plural in use.

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[nôrs] 1.
1) the Norwegian language, esp. in its medieval form
the Scandinavian language group
2) [treated as pl.] Norwegians or Scandinavians, esp. in medieval times
adj. of or relating to medieval Norway or Scandinavia, or their inhabitants or language
Norseman ['nôrsmən] n. (pl. -men)
from Dutch noor(d)sch, from noord ‘north’; compare with Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian Norsk

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/ˈnoɚs/ noun
1 [noncount] : the language of ancient Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland
2 the Norse : the people of ancient Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or Iceland

The Norse arrived in the ninth century.

Norse adj, always used before a noun

Norse mythology

the Norse sagas

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Norse 7 [nɔːs] [nɔːrs] noun uncountable
the Norwegian language, especially in an ancient form, or the Scandinavian language group
Word Origin:
[Norse] from Dutch noor(d)sch, from noord ‘north’; compare with Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian Norsk.

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obs. ff. nurse.

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